The blog post with the explanation:


The source for this template is taken from Tim Urban's How to Pick a Career Path from Wait But Why article and the pdf from Alicia. Read it first if you want to understand what is going on in this template.

I thought it would be more convenient to use the guide in Notion for several reasons. First, we can keep track of all the self-reflection analysis for future reference. Second, using tables instead of drawings can be useful to create relations between different data. Third, for some people, such as me, it is easier to have an interactive template where I can type and change the data when I want to. Additionally, some simplification was made due.

<aside> 📩 Guide by Tim Urban, adapted in Notion by Ayk M


Source Tables

These tables are the sources of your analysis. You do not need to open them directly to finish the guide and can fill in the relevant data from the links below.

Tables DB

Part 0: Who are you

Sketch your life path so far

Starting from birth, draw a path that sums up your major life / career / lifestyle moves up until today

🧬 Life Path

Evaluate your career